Get To Know Talented R&B Singer Jade Latrice

Jade Latrice dazzles fans with a third, beautiful single “Somebody To Somebody”. The song has already gathered tens of thousands of streams and stands as her most intuitive work so far. Filled with melodic soundscapes and heartfelt lyrics, “Somebody To Somebody” reminds the listeners how important we may be to someone without even knowing. 

“There are many things that inspire me but singing is really a way for me to express myself. It’s an outlet that helps me learn and grow,” the r&b songstress said. With a seasoned voice, Jade Latrice connects with young listeners performing cover songs and, most recently, three original singles. After her debut single, “I Like It,” introduced her to the industry, her sophomore single, “Make It Home,” has given her staying power among other young artists as fans relate to her. 

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