Songs You Need In Your Life: February 2024

Songs You Need In Your Life: February 2024
Our rolling list of this month’s essential new tracks.

The FADER’s Songs You Need In Your Life are our picks for the most exciting and essential new music releases out there. Every day, we update this page with new selections. Listen on our Spotify playlist or hear them all below.

BADBADNOTGOOD: “Take What’s Given”

BADBADNOTGOOD add a little classic soul to their sound, recruiting Houston-based vocalist Reggie Helms Jr. on their new song “Take What’s Given.” The Canadian group have always had a vintage quality to their music and that shines through stronger than ever here with a perky bassline complimenting wistful keys and a horn section that illuminates everything around it. It is Reggie’s pipes that shine the most, though. Offering simple life lessons aimed at bringing warmth into the world (“your medicine is better when it’s kept”), he delivers a much-needed fuzzy glow that radiates more and more with every listen. — David Renshaw

DJ Dayeh & MC Bibi Drak: “As Mais Top”

In São Paulo, Brazil, where the producer reigns supreme, DJ Dayeh is at the forefront of bruxaria, one of baile funk’s most twisted tendrils. “As Mais Top,” one of three singles released with the announcement of a new NTS compilation of the city’s sounds, opens on strings, a siren, and rolling static, with a vocal recreation of a kick-snare entering soon thereafter. After a DJ/MC tag that sounds like a haunted lullaby, the track kicks into gear, with Bibi Drak’s bars maneuvering through the debris of sub bass, whistles, and high-pitched laughter that follow. As in most of the bruxaria pantheon, the track’s powerful pulse is achieved in the absence of traditional drums; instead, Dayeh uses the long-stewing materials in her cauldron — negative space perhaps being the most important of all — to evoke the sense of punishing percussion. — Raphael Helfand

8485 feat. blackwinterwells and Murrumur: “ANTHROPOL”

8485’s new EP software gore contains some of the most abrasive music the experimental pop songwriters has ever made, miles away from the nostalgic frontiers of her breakout EP plague town or even last year’s introspective rave Personal Protocol. “ANTHROPOL” is a descendent of Black Dresses — black metal screams claw for dear life against nu-metal guitar stabs and synths that seem to come from machines designed by David Cronenberg. And like the much-missed Toronto band, 8485 is interested in big, scream-worthy moments that hook you like Pinhead’s chains. It’s the kind of song that’s begging to burst your ear drums — Jordan Darville

Ovrkast feat. Navy Blue: “January”

Maybe you stumbled out the gate a little bit at the start of 2024. That’s OK! “January,” the new collaboration from Ovrkast and Navy Blue released at the end of the year’s first month, is a song with the right balance of confidence and soulful hype that can make the first of the month feel like a new beginning in the deepest sense. The chemistry the rappers displayed on 2021’s “Face” has only deepened as the rappers have developed their respective skills. It’s more kinetic, too — when the beat switches to a sludgy, slowed-down version, Ovrkast and Blue trade bars seamlessly in one of the more dazzling displays of lyrical doubles this young year has seen. — Jordan Darville