Rap Blog: yuke and jaydes summon an anthem

trap finesse cult cover art


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A cult is formed when a small circle of people sees its edges become sharper and more withholding until the shape resembles something more like a pentagram. yuke is a New York-based rapper with a clear passion for Glo Gang, Goth Money Records, and the manic hydra that is the modern SoundCloud rap underground. Like his contemporary xaviersobased, yuke draws power in the knowledge that he’s not for everyone, experimenting with piercing dissonance and glazed flows across his recent project trap finesse cult.

Its closing track, “finesse cult anthem,” which features the experimental shoegaze-rap artist jaydes, is the project’s most direct in its vendetta against outsiders, adopting the tenor of a Trapholics-hosted occult ritual. Both artists adopt flows that weave XXXTentacion with black magic chants, pledging their allegiance to the titular cult over a blown-out, black marble beat. The song will probably burn the eyebrows off of anyone who genuinely believes that Satan controls the rap industry, and that makes me like it even more.