Rap Blog: Mighty Bay, three! and TisaKorean mix up a perfect pregame soundtrack

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In a more just world, TisaKorean would replace Jimmy Fallon on late-night television, grinning ear-to-ear as he traipses through softball celeb interviews and wacky game show segments. I say this not only because Tisa is laugh-out-loud funny (he really, really is) but because like any good host, he knows how to amp up the audience. So it goes on “Whiteboy Wasted,” where he chants and adlibs just enough to set up a perfect couplet on the hook (“if you ain’t talkin’ cash, I ain’t een listenin’ / I ain’t text this bitch back and she ain’t een trip”) before ceding the spotlight to fellow Houstonian and semi-frequent collaborator Mighty Bay.

Mighty Bay’s mini-verse (not even eight bars) invokes both the Shop Boyz and “John” by Lil Wayne in short order, a slightly hilarious strain of nostalgia when you remember that Bay, born in 2000, was in elementary school when these songs first released. As a rapper, he’s a touch more straight-laced than Tisa, though no less funny or committed to the bit. By comparison, three! (not to be confused with tdf collaborator thr33), matches Tisa’s goofiness with his own high-pitched yip. They’re having such a good time that by the time Tisa steps back in for an extra four bars, you haven’t missed him at all

And of course, there’s the flawless music video, which could serve verbatim as an ad for gas stations, gingham shirts, Sperry’s, and/or Twisted Tea. It’s practically tailor-made to play on TVs as you and your friends pregame a crazy night out — but try not to end up so drunk your “whole body leaning out the car.”