Quanum888 Releases A Magnificent Joint Titled “Here We Go”

Quanum888 releases a magnificent joint titled “Here We Go,” already streamed over 205K times on YouTube. This powerfully moving and emotive track is a stunning display of the artist’s immense talent and skills. Through beautiful verses, vibrant beats, and memorable lyrics, Quanum888 unveils his extraordinary art. His touching story won’t leave anyone indifferent and is bound to inspire people. Abandoned as a newborn in the slums of Kingston, Jamaica, Quanum888 was lost in the dangerous everyday dealings of his childhood home, until music appeared in his life.

Speaking about his current situation and the power of music since it came into his life, he explains: “Everything is broken and crumbling around me, so many friends dead, and so many near and dear that I’ve grown aware not to trust. This is where giving up on life and everything that keeps sucking the soul out of a person seems best to do. Music has always been that small bright spot that keeps the legs moving forward; to where? I don’t know. This song came about while I was on the verge of taking my own life; but I figured to give this music thing one last push…. Hoping there is a God.”

Music clearly being the only reason that helped him stay alive, Quanum888’s art is much more than just inspiring, it represents an act of pure survival and must be discovered by the masses.