New Single: Kese Soprano – “Cut a Check”

Acclaimed rapper and hip hop artist Kese Soprano recently dropped his new single called “Cut A Check”. A wonderful blend of both music genres, this song has a lot to offer from vocal experimentation to complex musical composition and more.

“Cut A Check” encompasses lyrics and music that communicates something special to each listener. The combination of rap and hip hop in this song is as unique as ever. His uplifting yet calm tone will set the audience free from their daily hassle and transport them into dimensions unexplored. 

Kese never takes shortcuts, instead he pours hard work and dedication over each composition and it shows. Some of Kese’s previous successful hits include “Get the Bag” “I Just Wanna” and “Soprano Ink Shit”. These three are equally powerful and nonchalant at the same time.

Kese Soprano is a veteran, a twice winner of the Underground Music Award, who has been in the music industry since the late 90’s. Based in New Jersey, he produces authentic music and songs that seem to have a magnetic pull. With tens of thousands of views on Spotify and YouTube, Kese commands the attention of everyone in the room. His distinctive style and willingness to experiment between genres is the guarantee of Kese Soprano’s success. 

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