My Mixtapez App, One of The Best Apps of 2021, by Danny Duenas is providing a platform to Hip-Hop Artists

We don’t see specific apps for one genre. Most of the apps are for all types of music. But My Mixtapez is a special platform for hip hop artists and music lovers.

With more than 6million family music lovers, My Mixtapez is rising high as the best app for hip hop artists. Creating such an app came to the mind of three brothers named Danny, Ricky and Juan. These young brains are behind My Mixtapez, offering the best hip hop releases.

The main motive for developing this app is to provide a global platform for hip hop artists and hip hop music lovers. We all know apps are in trend. It is the easiest way to expand your reach. Millions of users online give you an extra edge with this kind of app. And by seeing this opportunity, Danny took the initiative and started the My Mixtapez app to provide a music lovers’ platform.

It is an easy-going app any non-familiar online user can download and listen to top hip hop artists’ music. Danny and his brothers know making the complicated app will make their work harder.

Some artists don’t get bigger platforms on some of the other music platforms. My Mixtapez provides equal opportunity to all the artists in the hip hop industry.

My Mixtapez was founded in the year 2011 by the parent company Vuziq, a mobile software developer, and over the years, Danny Duenas took the brand to much greater heights.

Danny Duenas proudly says that they are a tech company that truly loves hip hop. Today, this passion and love earned My Mixtapez 6 million active users, which is available on Android, IOS, and Windows.

Apart from being an outstanding music app, Danny Duenas highlights that it offers daily music news, which has further propelled the industry forward.

In the coming years, the three brothers aim to grow their brand and jump into other music genres. Find out more on Instagram @mymixtapez and website,