“Big Plays” Artist Cakeswagg Has High Hopes For The Future Of Hip Hop

Boston’s groundbreaking rapper, Cakeswagg, who stands out from the crowd thanks to her trailblazing creations and fearlessness to stir change, believes that the Hip Hop scene will continue to prosper and evolve in the coming years. The praised songwriter had last shared the music video for her epic release “Big Plays,” which is driven by the motivation of always building on what one has already achieved.

Demonstrating great confidence and leadership, Cakeswagg has inspired others to step up their game and become better. She thinks that the current hype for Hip Hop will extend and last for generations to come. “We’re one of the longest-running genres of music and hip-hop is so moldable and adaptable. We use so many sounds and instruments that cross genres and the versatility that hip hop has will allow for continued Longevity,” explains the artist.

The recent single introduces a new era from the artist. “The intent behind this track is to kick off 2023 and prepare for everything that this year has to bring,” says Cakeswagg, admitting: “as an artist, it’s super easy to become complacent, especially when you’re achieving your goals. But ‘“Big Plays” is a reminder that the work is never really finished and that although it’s important to stop and smell the roses it’s important to keep going and keep working on getting better and better.”

Taking inspiration from the Jazz Age for her music video for “Big Plays,” Cakeswagg reveals: “My team and I decided to really delve into the 1920s. Just as the 1920s was the birth of a new era in music, fashion, resilience and clearly defiance of rules that need to be broken, so are my plans for 2023.” Highly influenced by Missy Elliot, Queen Latifa, Remy Ma, and Nicki Minaj, she plans to drop more exciting music later this year.

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