Artist To Watch: Lil Josiey


“6 figure earner” is always the target for most artists joining the music industry. However, the most complicated question to the majority has always been, “should I join music for money, fame or both?”

Lil Josiey is an independent artist who hails from the United States, a small town in New York called Amsterdam. He chose to join the music industry, not for money but for fame. But why did Lil choose this path?

Lil Josiey believes that whether you are rich or famous, you are guaranteed to have money. However, the difference between the two is determined by the work ethic and how to earn fortunes. Did you know that famous people don’t work for their money? That’s right. Famous people don’t do anything to earn their money, yet they have tons of money at their disposal. Rich people indeed work for their money, and they are wise about managing it. That is why Lil Josiey chooses fame over money.

In his quest for fame, Lil Josiey released his first Big Time Rush album called Elevate. The first song he made was a hit off the go. It now has over three million streams on SoundCloud and the songs called “Sunset Shawty”.

Lil is on a journey, not only to be famous in the music industry but to touch many lives and impact them positively through his music.