Artist Profile: Tony Valentine


There’s always that excitement when it comes to talk about who has next, but the excitement that comes with discussions on who has now is even better!

Tony Valentine is someone who has now. The rapper/singer/songwriter/musician has been writing and playing instruments since the age of 7, which comes of no surprise from his deeply rooted musically background. His father and grandparents all were professional musicians.

Hailing from the greater Los Angeles area, Tony is relatively new to the music scene but his sound is fresh & unique. He just released his very up-tempo, high energy, big visual production track with “Wishlist”, off his debut album “Tantrum”. A must listen if I say so myself!

Tony has also collaborated with LA artist RIKKDARULAH on the menacing/high energy track “Villa Stanley”, Z GUTTA’s soulful serenade “Show Me” and on ATL artist Jimmy Collins summer hit, “Mad Hoes”.

Tony’s music is genre bending and his collaborations show off his versatility. Though he isn’t established quite yet, he isn’t too far in my opinion. There’s something special here. He’s one of those rare “treasure like finds” that will serve as that breathe of fresh air in the game during a time where music feels a bit redundant. His futuristic sound include elements of grime and soul. His cohesive brand looks to grow into a full blown warehouse for music, clothing, art and much more.

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