According to the rapper in his address of the issues, it seems the thieves only got away with a pair of his cameraman’s Gucci flip flops and a few loose 20s, 5s and 1s that were left in the cars. In what seems to be a change of plans, the goons have now issued a ransom of 30k for the items they have taken.

NBA YoungBoy went on Instagram live and after a while YoungBoy got aggressive, threatening to hurt them.

In April, the rapper announced plans that he would be taking a break from music. While commenting on the recent incident, he disclosed the reason he may want to hop out of the spotlight for a while. While finessing of one’s fans seems to be the marketing route taken by many young entertainers, YoungBoy doesn’t quite fit the criteria for such as stunt. After all, YB is at the top of hip hop’s food chain with some pretty staggering streaming numbers.