Lil Pump caught looking scared after Lil Tracy tries his boy

In the video you will see lil pump and his friend in a car. Then Lil Tracy and some other people walk around them talking about people on Lil Pump’s Dick.

Lil Pump: Let em know what im pulling up in
Lil Pump: The Youngest Flexer, man, esskeetit

Tracy: Bet you won’t let me drive tho.
Tracy: You A Lil Hoe man
Tracy: You on “folks” Dick man
Tracy: You let lil “folk” drive I can’t Drive tho
Tracy: You a Hoe
Tracy: Imma fuck yo Big ass up

Fat Boy: Fuck you say Tracy?
Fat Boy: Come here bro
Fat Boy: Come here Tracy

Tracy: I will light your big ass up

Fat Boy: Imma Hoe?
Fat Boy: What you said?


Shortly after that the conversation escalated into a more serious matter. Watch the whole video