Jay-Z Clears Dvsn Sample Request After Calling The New Song ‘Toxic’

The R&B crew Dvsn is back with new music. They asked Jay-Z to clear a sample to one of his songs, which the music mogul called “toxic” before clearing. 


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The Canadian R&B duo is preparing to drop new music for the summer. 

However, before doing so, they needed to clear their sample request with hip-hop legend Jay-Z for his track “Song Cry.” 

Dvsn took to Twitter to announce the greenlight by sharing a screenshot of the approval with a conversation between Jay-Z and super producer Jermaine Dupri. 

In the text messages, Hov explains to JD how “toxic” the song is; he wrote:

“ I didn’t think one could make a song more toxic than ‘Song Cry.’ I stand corrected.” 

Dvsn thinks otherwise, saying the song isn’t toxic but rather honest. They wrote:

“Thx @jermainedupri for clearing the Jay-z sample … and Idk if the song’s TOXIC it’s more just… honest.”

Jay also has his fair share of toxic songs he can add to the list:  “Do It Again,” “Big Pimping,” and “I Know What Girls Like.”

Rapper Doe Boy Begs JLo To Clear “I’m Real”

Speaking of sample clearing. Rapper Doe Boy went to Instagram and played a snippet of an unreleased single that samples JLo and Ja Rule‘s duet classic “I’m Real.”

He was seemingly begging JLo to clear the sample:

“J.Lo, can you please clear my song? I need you to clear my song. Please, I’ll give you whatever. The streets want to hear that. This is how much I love you, I’ve been loving since I was a kid.”

Fellow rappers within the music industry also want the song cleared. Bobby Shmurda commented, saying, “Clear that bitch.”