Latin-American Rapper Jonni Apollo Shows His Growth And Struggles On New Single “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles)”

In case you’re familiar with Jonni Apollo’s previous project, you know exactly what to expect from his latest offering “3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles)”
The track is filled with hard-edged, no-frills bars from start to finish. More than a few times, the LA-based rapper pulls back the curtain and lets us in in order to take a closer look at his psyche. The picture he paints is wrought with trauma and anxiety after years of hard living. Most of the treasure is lodged within the verses, but there are some noteworthy hooks that elevate the project.

And while Jonni Apollo is dedicating his previous track “Afieroméni Stin,”  to his little daughter where he smoothly raps about his daily struggles while telling us the profound story through topics of anxiety, depression, loss, and hopelessness, he doesn’t dwell too long on one particular sound. Jonni is doing his first giant steps in this muddy rap industry and releases a brand new joint titled
“3. Erythaea (Word Puzzles).”

Breaking all stigma on what most of new rap releases sound like, Jonni Apollo is an artist overflown with a creative approach, and strongly defying the rigid classification of Hip-Hop. His willingness to experiment, coupled with refined production choices, shows he’s not content with being just another face in the crowd.

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