Drake Admits Working On A New Album

This morning Drake posted on Instagram how he was at the studio last night trying to make some bangers but due to poor connection he was unable to get the latest Boi-1da pack beats all he wanted was to make some music for his new upcoming album which we are all waiting on. When Drake drops a project or song the entire world seems to pause for him and support his music. While the rapper was hanging out in the lab last night he was excited to hear what his go to producer Boi-1da had been cooking on but because of his poor connection of Wi-Fi Drizzy was unable to download the new beats. He used Instagram to make a special request to the mayor of Pickering, a city located just east of his native Toronto asking if they could set up stronger Wi-Fi towers.

Even an artist can have the most simple problems to deal with that can affect somebody like Drake. We hope that he was able to download the pack of beats from Bio-1da because when they work together its always a certified number one hit. This is definitely a confirmation that Drake and his OVO team are working hard on his next album.