Antonio Brown of the New England Patriots has been cut by Nike

Antonio Brown’s season has been, well, somewhat rocky. Since the off season AB has been the talk of the league with numerous headlines .During the summer, a lot of the stories were on field related, him getting traded out of Pittsburgh to Oakland, having a complicated relationship with Oakland due to self inflicted punishment which led to him getting released. Now Antonio Brown has found a new home in New England with the Patriots. 

Even with the new move Ab can not remove himself from the spotlight. Since the move there has been a total of 4 lawsuits against Brown, 2 of them being sexual assault and the other suits are unpaid wages. When it seems like it can’t get any worse, it does. Now company spokesperson for Nike Josh Benedek has confirmed with ‘USA TODAY’ that Antonio Brown will no longer sponsored or affiliated with the company.

NIke dropped a shoe at $100 called “Nike Tech Trainer Antonio Brown” which has been taken off of their website not too long ago. The Nike spokesperson said in an email, “Antonio Brown is not a Nike athlete”. The company decided not to elaborate on the reasoning to stop sponsoring Brown. 

Antonio is in the line up to play in Patriots home game this Sunday against the jets among the allegations and investigations that is going on. With everything looking the way it is for AB we will see if other high-profile companies such as EA will cut ties with him as well.