Album Of The Month: Mz Genesiz | Checkmate

Mz Genesiz is a rising Hip-Hop artist, who happened to also be a successful businesswoman and author, and today, she drops her latest album, Checkmate

Her dominating presence and inspiring confidence is poured all over Checmate’s tracklist with a surgical precision, and an unprecedented efficiency. 

She has been described as: “The new age Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill. Her message is really important because she teaches young girls that they can be successful without exploiting their sexuality. A female rap artist of her caliber and her message is what we desperately need in today’s world.” 

Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Genesiz went to Strawberry Mansion high school with rapper Meek Mill. She has also performed for crowds of 50,000 plus alongside Ryan Leslie, Roscoe Dash, Soldier Boy, among many others.

Her main message and goal is to empower women to boss up and conquer the world rather than waiting to be served, knowing through her hard work in different businesses that nobody gives anything to nobody in this world and if we don’t ask or take, we are left with nothing. 

Listen to Checkmate below: