Tye Harris “Tornado” Video

HNHH Premiere: Tye Harris goes storm-chasing with some visuals for his new single “Tornado,” the first look at his upcoming debut album.
Tye Harris is confident. “I’ve created my own sound and lane,” he declares, speaking exclusively with HNHH. “I’m giving the industry a breath of fresh air.” Today, we’re happy to premiere the latest part of his vision with some brand new visuals for “Tornado.” For those curious about what Harris is bringing to the table, consider this — the man previously spent time training to be an opera singer, a backstory that in itself sets him apart from his fellow melodists. While the faintest traces of his past can be heard in his passionate vocals, this “Toronado” is far from destructive.
In truth, it’s actually rather vibey — a quality achieved by Harris’ confident melody and finger-picked guitar arpeggios. Visually, he opts for some interesting juxtaposition, putting himself at the forefront while nature whips itself into a frenzy behind him. You’d never know, however, given how calm Harris seems to be keeping throughout. Perhaps his causal demeanor is a result of his female companions; though they don’t appear dressed for storm-chasing, sometimes one must adapt in the face of danger.
Check out the brand new video from Tye Harris now, and sound off – has the Dallas, Texas artist done enough to earn a place on your radar? If so, look for his debut album Monstah On Marz to arrive on July 16th, 2020.