Gunna Feat. Young Thug “Dollaz On My Head” Video

Gunna goes golfing and becomes Tiger Hood in the new music video for “Dollaz On My Head.”
In addition to the release of eight new songs to constitute the deluxe edition of Gunna’s chart-topping album WUNNA, the rapper has also just dropped the hilarious video for “Dollaz On My Head.”
As the Spike Jordan-directed flick starts off, Gunna is in his backyard playing some golf, naming himself Tiger Hood before the doorbell rings, setting him off. The golf ball bounces around the entire house, hitting sculptures, expensive paintings, and more before Gunna gets the door, welcoming a rich, white family who brought a cake to welcome him to the neighborhood.
The video for “Dollaz On My Head” is very weird, featuring scenes of the superstar rapper picking petals off a sunflower and dropping them into the bathtub, in which a nun lays. In other moments, Gunna sits in a room with furniture balancing on the sides, levitating the chairs using the power of his mind.
The new video is a much-watch, giving us an eye into the creativity of Wunna.
Watch it above.