EarthGang “Top Down” Video

EarthGang put on an elaborate puppet show for their latest batch of “Mirrorland” visuals, this time for “Top Down.”
EarthGang has already solidified themselves as one of the game’s more creatively daring duos, a position that their Dreamville debut Mirrorland played a pivotal role in establishing. And though the album came out last September, the pair have continued to keep it in the spotlight, steadily expanding on their growing video collection with another new one. This time, the song in question is “Top Down,” the album’s spirited third track. Given how infectious the chorus is, it’s no surprise to see this one get the visual treatment.
As for the clip itself, EarthGang take a break from taking the animated route and instead blow the dust off the puppet case. What follows is a typically surreal bout of puppetry that would have made Jim Henson beam — and perhaps blush once the puppet strippers begin to gyrate. The uncommon use of puppetry makes “Top Down” a thoroughly enjoyable ride, if only because of its originality. Check it out for yourself, especially if you need a pick-me-up; leave it to EarthGang to bring the feel-good vibes.