Run The Jewels “Ooh La La” Video

Run The Jewels stage a good old fashioned bonfire in the epic visuals for “RTJ4” single “Ooh La La.”
Run The Jewels are known to be a maniacal partnership, akin to a pair of evil geniuses’ engaging in a high-stakes scheme-off. With their upcoming drop Run The Jewels 4 set to arrive in the imminent future, El-P and Killer Mike have come through with a brand new video for the recent single “Ooh La La,” featuring Greg Nice and the legendary DJ Premier. The clip itself is rather simplistic in essence, appropriately mad in true Jewel Runner fashion.
Taking to the streets in a state of revelry, both Jamie and Mike proceed to host a public bonfire, one no doubt influenced by The Dark Knight’s Joker. As the money pile smolders, our heroes unleash barrages of hard-hitting rhymes, clearly having the time of their lives while doing so. It’s clear that this was filmed long before any pandemics, having been shot at the onset of March, and RTJ opened up about the concept in an accompanying press release:
“We imagined the world on the day that the age-old struggle of class was finally over. A day that humanity, empathy, and community were victorious over the forces that would separate us based on arbitrary systems created by man. This video is a fantasy of waking up on a day that there is no monetary system, no dividing line, no false construct to tell our fellow man that they are less or more than anyone else. Not that people are without but that the whole meaning of money has vanished.”
Check it out now, and keep an eye out for RTJ4 whenever it ultimately ends up dropping.