Young Thug’s Brother Arrested on Gun Charges After Taking Plea Deal in YSL RICO Case

Quantavious Grier, known as Unfoonk and the brother of YSL rapper Young Thug, was arrested on Thursday, May 4, on charges of possessing a firearm by a convicted felon. In December 2022, Grier pleaded guilty to violating the RICO Act and theft of stolen property and took a plea deal.

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Grier’s arrest occurred in Atlanta, where he was driving a black Mercedes G-Wagon on 221 Cleveland Ave. He was pulled over for dark tinted windows, and police found a black Glock 19 9mm in the car, registered under his girlfriend’s name, in the door pocket. 

According to Atlanta reporter Infamous Sylvia, Grier was in the process of switching cars with his girlfriend at a gas station when police noticed the vehicle’s tinted windows.

The repercussions of Grier’s arrest on his previous plea deal are unclear. However, this incident adds to the ongoing timeline of the Young Slime Life (YSL) RICO case, with jury selection currently underway in the trial of Young Thug and his YSL affiliates. In December 2022, Grier took a plea deal with special conditions, including 750 community service hours, which he will now have to serve if his previous plea deal is revoked. 

The conditions of his plea deal also forbade him from possessing or being in the presence of any guns, committing any crimes, or being in contact with his brother, Young Thug. 

YSL Rappers In Legal Trouble

The YSL crew has been in legal trouble, even behind bars. 

YSL rapper Lil Rod was recently strip-searched in jail for marijuana and pills, adding to the chaos that erupted during the Young Thug trial. These events underscore the YSL crew’s ongoing legal issues.
To gain further context about the YSL RICO case, it’s worth noting that Young Thug filed his fourth motion in the ongoing trial. The motion’s details remain unclear, but it adds to the legal turmoil surrounding the YSL crew.

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