Wyclef Jean Launches The Lightest-Ever Electric Supercar

Renowned musician and philanthropist Wyclef Jean has expressed his desire for a ride with an electric supercar. He teamed up with Apex Motors to launch the lightest-ever electric supercar.

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Wyclef Jean, a Grammy Award-winning artist, has always been vocal about his love for cars and is now adding an eco-friendly touch to his collection with a high-performance electric supercar.

The Haitian native recently released an electric supercar with a sleek and stylish finish and has the power to go from zero to sixty in 2.3 seconds. The car was designed in the U.K. and made in the U.S. The Fugees’ member dropped a fire rap for promotion, giving all the details.

According to reports by Fox News, despite the car being equipped with a 1,200-pound, 90- kilowatt-hour battery that offers a range of approximately 300 miles, this vehicle weighs only slightly more than a Mazda MX-5 Miata, coming in at around 2,600 pounds.

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