Watch Losk33’s New Music Video, “Lord Have Mercy”

Losk33’s new release “Lord Have Mercy” is a groundbreaking banger featuring acclaimed Greensboro, GA urban artist Foogiano. The duo makes a perfect team completing one another while staying true to their own signature-styles. 

“Lord Have Mercy” follows-up in style to Losk33’s 2020 album PSA. Losk33 describes the genre of the song and his main style of rap as “Testimonial Turnup,” known for depicting a picture through words. The artist captures raw emotions and real situations drawn from personal experiences, creating his own aesthetics. However, Losk33 also managed to spice the style up by adding modern hip-hop elements to it, creating a unique fusion of sounds and emotions. His lyricism is swag and straightforward. On the other hand, Foogiano brings his wisdom and depth to the mix. Hopefully, the two artists will continue their successful collaboration further.