Virginia Rapper Makes Headlines For Shooting Family Members; Dies In Police Standoff

A Virginia-based rapper, who goes by the name EGYPXN, is making headlines after reportedly shooting members of his own family. The incident is said to have occurred just before the rapper released a new music video.

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The artist, whose real name is Nee Tiye Adam Washington II, reportedly broke into his mother’s home on March 28 and fired shots that struck his mother, Tyesha Hall, his 21-year-old sister, and his 12-year-old brother. Following the shooting, Washington fled the scene, prompting a citywide search by law enforcement authorities to locate the 26-year-old rapper. 

These events have stunned and shocked the local community, with many struggling to comprehend the senseless and tragic nature of the incident. Further details on the case are still emerging, and the motive behind the shooting remains unclear.

After the reported shooting, Washington’s family members were rushed to VCU Medical Critical Care to receive treatment for their life-threatening injuries. The family is currently still in the process of recovering. 

Following the release of his music video, EGYPXN was located by the police on March 30 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. During a standoff with the authorities, the rapper was fatally shot by police.

Just a day before the incident, Washington posted a message on his Instagram account urging his followers to value their care for each other, saying: 

“My last request from humanity is that you seriously evaluate the care you have for each other. If this species is to ever evolve, you must stop eating animals, stop warring with each other, and take care of mother earth. Overthrow this sadistic government and rebuild on a fresh foundation. It’s time for me to rest now…”

The message has sparked discussion among those trying to understand the tragic incident and its underlying causes.

“The Race”

Similar to EGYPXN, Tay-K, a rapper from Long Beach, California, is serving 55 years in prison on murder charges. He was allegedly involved in a shooting and released a music video while he was on the run called “The Race,” which propelled him into fame.