Update: Kanye West Calls Kim Kardashian A “Bitter Baby Mama” Amid Rift Over North’s New Tik Tok Video

Kanye West is back at it with his estranged wife Kim Kardashian. It looks like his request that she keep their 8-year-old daughter North West from Tik Tok is out the window.


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Kanye West Airs Out Kim For Letting Nori on Tik Tok…Again

Kanye took to his Instagram page to unveil more details of his divorce. Ye is claiming Kim is antagonizing him and not respecting his wishes as she continues to allow North to use TikTok after publicly requesting that her account be deleted. He posted a video saying: 

“Hi everybody I just got off the phone with Kim, I told her to stop antagonizing me with this Tik Tok thing. I said it’s never again, I am her father…I am not allowing my daughter to be used by Tik Tok, to be used by Disney. I have a say-so.”

Furthermore, Ye claimed he also isn’t given a say-so in the school their children attend. In fact, he said all the men in that “community” have no say in where their children attend school.

“We as men in that community have no say so on where our kids go to school. I’ll see if Trav does, but Tristian.. I know I hadn’t had a say so I didn’t want my children to go to Sierra Canyon.”

Kanye West Sends Prayers Up

Kanye is definitely under a lot of stress right now.  He has stated that he does not have custody of his children and is trying to remain calm and not react in an erratic manner despite Kim behaving like a “bitter baby mama.”

He said, “My dad won’t even call Kim I don’t speak to most of my family because they been allowing this kind of behavior.  I am in no way trying to get this woman back – I’ve moved on with my life.  I just feel culturally there’s a bunch of white privileged people forcing the upbringing of a bunch of black children.  I seen a bunch of celebrities speak up against me.  But ain’t been no one other than Candace Owens that ever said that any of this bitter baby mama behavior is wrong.” 

Although he’s in a battle to be a father to his children, Kanye says he is remaining prayed up about the situation. He shared on Instagram that he has been praying for his kids to be able to attend his Sunday services after North was not allowed to attend his “Donda 2” concert.

I called different people I knew, and the best advice I got was from Troy Lanez, and he just said to pray and ask God to speak through me, God if it is in your will to touch the people that are currently watching my children.. Please bring my children to Sunday Service today at 10am…

Don’t Come For Kanye

During the exposure, Kanye made sure that viewers were not undermining his feelings about his position as a father to his children. Calling out a blog site, Kanye wrote:

“Don’t undermine me not being able to see my children as a rant. What’s wrong with y’all”

Meanwhile, Pete Davidson’s friend and co-writer Dave Sirus took to his Instagram to drop all the messages between Kanye and Pete. He wrote:

“A Message from Pete” 

When it comes to his kids, Kanye doesn’t play!