Tory Lanez Supports Chris Brown After Rape Allegations Emerge

Chris Brown is at the center of a rape scandal after an unnamed woman sued the singer for $20 million. She alleged that Brown raped her on a yacht at Diddy’s Star Island mansion in Miami.  Torey Lanez, embroiled in his own scandal, offered a word of support for the popular crooner.

Chris Brown

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Chris Brown In Rape Scandal

A lawsuit has been filed against Chris Brown by an unidentified professional dancer and musician, identified only as ‘Jane Doe’ in legal documents. Chris Brown took his grievances directly to his fans and explained his side of the story.  

The alleged incident was said to have occurred on December 30, 2020, after the Jane Doe Facetimed with a friend who was reportedly at a party at Diddy’s residence. The accuser stated in court documents that Brown, who was also at the party, allegedly grabbed the phone from the friend and invited Doe to join the get-together.

According to Newsbeat, which acquired the court documents, the woman was offered drinks by Brown after arriving, and later felt “a sudden, unexplained change in consciousness” and was led to a bedroom where she was allegedly raped by the singer. 

Jane Doe alleged that Brown did not let her leave the room, took off her bikini, and began kissing her as she told him to stop. She said he “ejaculated inside her, jumped up and announced he was ‘done.’”   The following day, Jane Doe alleged that Brown contacted her and advised that she should take a Plan B. She claims she did just that.

Chris Brown took to Instagram to call cap on the allegations saying, “I hope yall see this pattern of cap. Whenever im releasing new music or projects, “THEY” try to pull some real bullsh*t”

Tory Lanez, who has his own legal drama, threw his weight behind the R & B superstar. He took to Instagram to say, “They really need to leave my dawg @chrisbrownofficial alone and just let him be great!!”  

It was originally reported that Torey Lanz would be in court this month in the Megan Thee Stallion foot-shooting case, but it appears the hearing has been postponed again.

Chris Brown Supports Kyrie

Recently Chris Brown co-signed Kyrie Irving after he decided to not get the vaccine to play in the NBA.

Kyrie Irving is the latest celebrity to be in the hot seat for not getting the Covid-19 vaccine. Critics of Kyrie include Stephen A. Smith and Magic Johnson, but Chris Brown is all-in with the Brooklyn Nets point guard.

Madonna Calls Out Tory Lanez

We also recently reported on Madonna calling out Tory Lanez for sampling a song of hers without her permission. 

The Queen Of Pop came down from her throne to make sure she gets her credit. The icon commented on an Instagram post by Tory Lanez posted promoting his music and told him he used her song illegally.