Tori Brixx + Raven Tracy Clash Over Rich The Kid

Hip-hop model Tori Brixx is enjoying the chance to expose some controversial hookups involving her ex. The vixen posted a video of what looks like Atlanta rapper Rich The Kid cozying up to model Raven Tracy.


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Tori Brixx Exposes Rich The Kid + Raven Tracy

Soon after Brixx posted the clip, she deleted it, but apparently not before Raven saw it since she seemingly responded to the post with one of her own. In Tracy’s response, she claimed that she was single and intended to continue being so. She also suggested that she knew how the clip made her look and that she wasn’t bothered because she knew her intentions.

“I’m single and have been for months. Guys do the absolute most and be a whole liar and manipulator the whole time… happens every day, unfortunately. Lesson learned. I’ve already said my peace. I know my heart and intentions. Be blessed.”

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Tori Brixx Shares Her Status After Split

In more relationship-related news, TB recently went to Instagram and didn’t hold back revealing she’s a warrior. While she admitted to being stronger than some might think, Brixx also acknowledged she’s still likely to shed tears during the healing process of a split.

“so happy my mama didn’t raise a weak b*tch. yeah ima cry about it, but ima thug it out & make sh*t happen.”

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The IG Story post came days after Brixx went to her IG page with plenty for followers to think about. Despite not name-dropping Rich, Brixx casually announced she was “innocent” following speculation about who was in the wrong over love affair gossip.

“Innocent ???”

DreamDoll Addresses Rich The Kid Rumors

In response to the cheating speculation with Rich The Kid, New York rapper DreamDoll hit up her Twitter page to keep things a buck. While not name-dropping rumored boo Rich or his estranged girlfriend Tori Brixx, she did make sure to let the world know she’s not about wrecking any happy homes following cheating speculation.

“What we not gonna do is sit here & “TRY” to sabotage my character I have NEVER OR WILL NEVER F*CK WITH NO MAN THAT IS IN A RELATIONSHIP ! … Y’all got me F*cked up im on my family vacation which I do every year. Y’all so gullible y’all believe anything … Anyway Pisces season just started …..”

Trolling At An All-Time High

In February 2021, Rich went to his Instagram page following explosive coverage of his and Brixx’s speculated breakup. In the clip, he’s pretending to cry and playing lyrics of him giving listeners advice about how to avoid getting busted for cheating.