Timbaland + Swizz Beatz Take VERZUZ To Peloton – No Cap

The VERZUZ phenomenon has expanded beyond the music industry. Co-creators Timbaland and Swizz Beatz have formed a partnership between Verzuz and fitness company Peloton that will allow users to reach their workout milestones to the tune of VERZUZ music battles.

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VERZUZ + Peloton Join Forces To Make Your Workout Lit

The first series in the VERZUZ and Peloton collaboration features R&B icons Brandy and Monica. Next up in the series will be Swizz Beatz vs. Timbaland, with future matchups to be announced.

“VERZUZ + PELOTON = MAGIC ?? Ayo @timbaland we told them we’re just getting started ? @verzuztv @onepeloton @triller ?? The game will never be the same again ? Get ya workout on ??”

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Timbaland + Swizz Beatz Put High Value On Health

The partnership shouldn’t be a surprise, as the two super-producers are openly committed to health and fitness goals. Grammy winner Timbo has become dedicated to the gym in recent years, while Grammy winner Swizz has embraced a vegan lifestyle.

Timbaland’s fitness journey is one that is truly motivational. The famed music producer decided to officially stop taking his health for granted and start having a great relationship with his body. He also praises people, like Lizzo, that are comfortable in their own skin. Watch as Timbaland details his passion for fitness and why he chose this new journey. #Timbaland​ #BodyOfWork​

“Enough is Enough !! I’m officially going back to my vegan lifestyle ! Not being able to walk or play with my kids is not cool ! This GOUT life is not for me at all? No shellfish ? No red meat ? 90% less Red wines & whisky ? okay 2021 I hear you loud and clear let’s get to it ??????? Your health is your true wealth ?? Blessings to all??”

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Lil’ Kim VERZUZ Trina Might Never Happen

Female rap veterans Lil’ Kim and Trina aren’t being taken seriously. The Florida native went online to reveal that she’s been trying to get a VERZUZ battle going during a recent interview but the feedback hasn’t been the best.

“It won’t even feel like a competition because it’s a family thing. I’m probably gonna be so much more engaged in her records than anything cuz it’ll go back to when I first heard her, so I’ll be in my vibe, like fanned out…That’s just what I would say. That’s just my little opinion, but nobody reached out.”

Timbaland Says Chris Brown’s Catalog Is Unbeatable

Tim and Swizz were on The Breakfast Club radio show, and of course the talk turned to fantasy-booking music battles. When it came to a hypothetical matchup of R&B superstars Chris Brown and Usher, one of the legendary producers made his pick clear.

“Chris Brown got too much in his bag. He got like 50 bags, bruh!”