Shantonio Welcomes In The Hot and Nostalgic Days With The Release of ‘Summer Baby’

‘Summer Baby,’ is an exciting new track that you can listen to on  extremely long and warm summer nights. Shantonio, the mastermind behind the track has created a piece of art that is filled with a fiery flow of perfectly articulated punchlines with calculated drops and turns. The beat blends a dramatic combination of electro vibes and sparks with autotuned unique sounds. 

The track is well versed and refers to relatable experiences that both the artist and fans his age could have gone through. His personal experiences and adventures has allowed for him to include a romantic and passionate side about his love life into the track making it a hit for couples to listen to as well! 

Shantonio’s debut single is a great introduction of what the artist is capable of releasing, so make sure you check out his latest release, ‘Summer Baby.’