Safaree Begs Young Black Rappers To Stop Clout Chasing Showing Guns + Money

New York rapper Safaree Samuels wants his peers and the youth to see the bigger picture. The hip-hop entertainer lit up his social media pages with a direct message aimed at the next Black generation of musicians.

Safaree Pleads W/ Young Black Rappers

Samuels took to his Twitter page with his unexpected plead. Ultimately, Safaree asked Black rappers to stop clout chasing with their money and gun flexes.

“To All my young black rappers stop showing y’all guns & Money. Everyone knows what a gun looks like and everyone knows what a 100$ bill looks like… it really doesn’t help anything your doing. I know it’s a phase but social media makes it way more dangerous 🙏🏾 be safe y’all!” -Safaree Samuels’ Twitter

Safaree pleads w/ young Black rappers.
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Erica Mena Shuts Down Safaree’s Bachelor Dream

This week, Safaree’s wife Erica Mena delivered her own PSA to him. The Instagram post featured Samuels hugging her while she captioned the pic by saying she’s in full control of their relationship.

“Even if you really wanted to you couldn’t leave me – So take your a** back to bed. We will try this again tomrw. ( Ladies these Men really be trying it. They forget we run EVERYTHING! Including them)” -Erica Mena’s Instagram

Erica Mena shuts down Safaree Samuels’ bachelor dream.
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Erica Mena Reveals Daughter Safire Majesty

During some recent split drama, Erica went to her Instagram page and finally let the big secret out. After months of keeping their child’s identity sealed, Mena came though with the big reveal of daughter Safire Majesty.

“The BEST part of 2020 🌹 My Safire Majesty” -Erica Mena’s Instagram

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A post shared by Erica Mena 🌹 (@iamerica_mena)

Erica Mena reveals daughter Safire Majesty.

Safaree Samuels Hints At Erica Mena Divorce

Initially, Safaree did the most on social media. The hip-hop entertainer recently went to his Instagram page to flex his muscles and hint at a divorce going down. Samuels went a step further and declared himself a bachelor.

“BACHELOR!! Ending 2020 right!!”