Rick Ross Says He’s “Richer Than Ever” In 2021, Majority Are “Broker Than Ever,” Survey Says

With the release of Rick Ross’ latest album titled “Richer Than I Ever Been,” SOHH.com surveyed hip-hop fans about the status of their pockets in 2021.  Most confessed they are more broke in 2021 than previous years.

Rick Ross

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Ross Is Rich But We’re Not

Rick Ross boasts about his riches on his new album, announcing that he’s richer now than he’s ever been.  A poll of hip-hop fans revealed that most have had a much dimmer financial picture in 2021 compared to previous years.  

SOHH surveyed more than 1400 respondents with the question:  “Rick Ross said he’s Richer Than Ever – has 2021 been a good financial year for you too?”

Overwhelmingly, the answer was no. Only 43% of respondents said they agree with Rick Ross and are richer now in 2021 than they’ve ever been.  The majority – a whopping 57% – answered with a resounding “no” indicating that they are actually more broke than they’ve been in previous years.

The financial hit could be attributed to the impact on the economy due to Covid-19.  The pandemic has especially hit Americans in the service and hospitality industries, with unemployment reaching as high as 10% in certain parts of the country and more than 200,000 pandemic-driven business closures, disproportionately black-owned.

Many Americans have ridden out the pandemic by starting businesses and improving skills, like one survey respondent who commented, “Just trying to be the best videographer I can be.”

Another poll respondent–  clearly miffed by Rick Ross’ pocket-bragging – commented, “Rich get richer.I don’t give a f*ck how rich Ross is – he don’t pay my bills.”