Rich The Kid Promises He’s Not A Slave Anymore + Brags About His Masters

Atlanta rapper Rich The Kid is celebrating the beauty of independence. The hip-hop star comes forward to celebrate not having to cater to any labels and announced he’s in full control of his masters.

Rich The Kid’s Masters

The Kid went to his Instagram page to share the big news to fans. Rich took things even further by claiming he’s no longer a slave to the record industry.

“I own all my masters… I’m not a slave no more. P.S. Big CEO” -Rich The Kid’s Twitter

Rich The Kid’s masters are all his.

Recently, SOHH took a deep dive into the value and importance of artists owning their masters and why rap stars like Kanye West desperately wanted to own his.

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Big Sean and Desiigner Thank Kanye West

In September 2020, rap stars Big Sean and Desiigner reacted to Kanye West vowing to help out his G.O.O.D Music artists. They both responded to Yeezy promising to give his artists a 50 percent share he has of their masters.

Big Sean and Desiigner thank Kanye West.

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Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Promise

Kanye initially went to his Twitter page to break the huge news. The hip-hop heavyweight shocked social media by reaching out to his artists.

“I’m giving all Good music artist back the 50% share I have of their masters”

The massive news even sparked a direct message from Tesla CEO Elon Musk to Ye.

Kanye West Speaks

Over the summer, Mr. West conducted a text-only interview about his recent decision to put his past record label deal contracts on social media. Ye stayed true in his answers by saying he wanted to make sure artists owned their properties.

“The desired effect will only be achieved when every artist owns their masters. I’m Team “Free Artists.” I’m committed to doing whatever is necessary so artists own their own copyrights. The response is awesome because everyone knows this is a broken system that needs to be fixed. Currently, artists take advances to make records and yet when they repay those advances the record company still owns the records. Imagine a bank lending you money to buy a house and then when you’ve repaid that mortgage, them telling you they still own it. [Prominent music lawyer] Joel Katz showed up; [Hipgnosis Songs Fund founder] Merck Mercuriadis showed up; Steve Rifkind showed up. I’ve put together a group of advisors to get me the information I need to succeed on behalf of all artists.” (Billboard)