Reebok Pressures Nike + Adidas W/ Plant-Based Sneakers

Sneaker giant Reebok is doing big, earthy things these days. The popular and iconic sports apparel brand has teamed up with Siena Farms to deliver a plant-based sneaker called Forever Floatride GLOW made ideal for every vegan enthusiast around the world.

Reebok’s Plant-Based Sneakers

According to reports, Reebok has done the unthinkable with its environmental-themed kicks. It will be the brand’s first-ever vegan sneakers and come with an eye-catching colorway.

Reebok has created its first plant-based sneaker, which it is producing in partnership with Siena Farms. Consumers can buy the shoes and a half-bushel of vegetables in a CSA produce box beginning in October. Called Forever Floatride GROW, the shoes are made of castor beans, eucalyptus trees and algae, among other materials. (Ad Age)

Reebok’s plant-based sneakers are coming.

Save The Date

The kicks are locked-in to arrive this Thursday and come with very specific ingredients – er – components.

The trainers are USDA-certified plant-based. The vegan sneakers feature four key eco-friendly materials: an algae-based sock-liner, an upper made from eucalyptus, a midsole made of castor beans, and a natural rubber outsole. You can snag a pair of the brand’s eco-friendly trainers when they launch on Reebok Unlocked on October 1. (Live Kindly)

Plant-Based Goals

The company recently released a statement providing context and the thought process behind the vegan kicks.

“The earth is a runner’s arena, and we have a responsibility to help detox the world for the athletes who run in it,” O’Toole said. “Our consumers have told us they want more sustainable products, and the running community has been the most vocal and passionate on this issue. We want to help runners perform at their best, while also feeling good about the products they wear.” (Statement)

The Price Point

The sneakers are set to hit everyone’s pockets a little bit more than an average pair of Reebok kicks. The sneakers will go for just over $100 and come in sizes made for both men and women.

Reebok’s first footwear made from bio-based materials, the Forever Floatride GROW, is scheduled to launch later this week, on October 1st, 2020, exclusively to Reebok UNLOCKED members. The new running silhouette will be available in both men’s and women’s size ranges, with a retail price of just $120. (Just Fresh Kicks)