Rapper Believed To Be Beyonce’s Cousin Found Dead

Texas rapper Kardone, born name Martell Derouen, was found dead from a gunshot wound in his San Antonio home on Tuesday. Kardone is believed to be a cousin of R&B superstar Beyonce.

Local Rapper Suspected In Fatal Shooting

Another local rapper, 21-year-old Sasha Skare, is wanted by police as a suspect in the death of 34-year-old Martell Derouen, a.k.a. Kardone. The two had worked on music together. Skare has previously been in trouble with the law for gun crimes.

“100 Grand” by Kardone (feat. Paul Wall)

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Kardone Kept His Family Ties To Beyonce Low-Key

According to San Antonio news outlet KSAT, Kardone was related to Beyonce. However, the rapper didn’t try to use Bey’s name to advance his career.

“Kardone was one of those ones who rose and shine bright, brighter than, you know, some of those that was in the room with him,” Brian Mitchell, owner of Fyngermade Studio, told KSAT, describing his friend as “quiet,” humble and gentle. Mitchell said even though DeRouen was related to Beyoncé, he never let that get to his head. “That’s not even something he would even mention to people. We’d just have to put in his bios because it’s just, it’s worthy to put it in there, but he doesn’t like stuff like that,” Mitchell said. (KSAT)

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Atlanta Rapper 6 Dogs Dead From Apparent Suicide

Atlanta rapper 6 Dogs, born name Chase Amick, is dead at just 21 years old after reportedly committing suicide. 6 Dogs was a star on the underground scene who was working on a new album in the months leading up to his death.

“If you have friends in the music biz call them and check on them.”

Memphis Rapper Big CEO Shot Dead At 20

Tennessee rapper Big CEO died in a shooting in his Memphis hometown, as reported by local news station WMC5. He was just 20 years old. Big CEO, born name Jonathan Brown, was formerly known as Baby CEO.

A young rapper from Memphis known as Baby CEO has been shot dead. A source confirmed the death of the rapper whose given name was Jonathan Brown, WMC-TV reported Wednesday. Memphis police have not officially released the name of the shooting victim or details about the incident, WMC said. They said they responded to a call at about 10 p.m. Tuesday and pronounced Brown dead at the scene. (New York Daily News)