Quando Rondo + Crew Caught In Nasty Shooting

Rap star Quando Rondo came “this” close to meeting his own demise. New reports claim the hip-hop heavyweight and his crew were at the scene of a gun fight in Georgia.

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Quando Rondo + Crew Caught In Shooting

According to reports, the shots took place Sunday morning in a parking lot. The attack happened most likely from either across the road or a highway.

Our sources say police aren’t aware of any bullets striking Quando, because he was not at the scene when cops responded, but we’re told he was in the parking lot before the shooting. The rapper was traveling with a large entourage, and we’re told one man in the group was shot in the hand and got treatment at a local hospital. It’s interesting … law enforcement says it appears Quando and his crew weren’t at the convenience store long before shots rang out, and cops believe they were making a quick stop when the shooting started. (TMZ)

The shooting also took place reportedly a few minutes away from where Rondo performed months after his crew allegedly had connections to the death of Chicago rapper King Von.

Quando Rondo + crew caught in shooting.

Quando Rondo Says No One Tried To Shoot Him

Quando Rondo has been blamed by a lot of people for King Von’s death and things have become very intense with Quando’s daughter being targeted by Internet bullies. A recent rumor surfaced on social media about someone shooting at the “Scarred From Love” hitmaker which Quando denied.

“Don’t believe everything you hear on the internet. Nobody shot at me, bullets can’t even go threw my whips.”

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Quando Rondo Downplays Role In King Von Shooting

While he hasn’t been considered a suspect by police — who have already arrested and charged Georgia rapper Lul Tim in King Von’s murder — Quando Rondo still has a cloud of suspicion over his head. In a recent interview with Angela Yee of “The Breakfast Club,” Quando again maintained his innocence.

“All I know is, I look up and I see my partner on the ground, you feel me? Shot up. This is on my life. This is on Neighborhood Crip. I did not know this was him until the next day.”

A Rare Comment About King Von

Prior to the Angela Yee interview, Quando responded to a fan online who suggested he donate money to King Von’s family to “make it right.” While he used a “heartbroken” emoji, the rapper clearly didn’t feel like he did anything wrong.

“von got his self in that situation i didnt even no cuz had pressure with me”