New Music Feat. Missy Elliott: How UK Girl Group Flo Is Making Waves in the Music Industry

UK girl group Flo is making waves in the music industry with an upcoming collaboration featuring hip-hop legend Missy Elliott. This significant milestone will take the group’s unique blend of pop, R&B, and hip-hop to the next level.

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Flo recently announced their collaboration with Missy Elliott through a teaser video shared on Twitter. The video features a text message conversation between the members of Flo and Missy Elliott, with the caption, “You ready? @MissyElliott.” The collaboration is already generating buzz among fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Flo’s Road To Stardom

Flo is a relatively new girl group that has been gaining recognition for their infectious beats, catchy hooks, and powerful vocals. Flo has been featured on Vevo’s 2023 DSCVR Artists to Watch list. The group’s stardom is on the rise, and their collaboration with Missy Elliott will attract even more attention. 

Flo posted a teaser on Twitter featuring a snippet of the collaboration. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of the full song.

 Fans of early 2000s music will be excited to hear the snippet of the collaboration song, as it features a distinct Y2K sound that was popularized by artists like Missy Elliott herself. The use of electronic beats and futuristic sound effects, along with Flo’s harmonious vocals, creates a nostalgic yet fresh sound that’s sure to be a hit among fans of both the old and new school.

Missy Elliott is a trailblazer in the music industry, and her influence can be felt across multiple genres. Her collaborations with other artists have produced some of the most memorable songs in recent history. 

 Missy Elliott’s Recent Endeavors

Missy recently collaborated with Patrón for a limited-edition bottle that celebrates the anniversaries of her iconic albums, Supa Dupa Fly and Miss E… So Addictive. Also, in honor of Women’s History Month, SOHH named Missy Elliott one of the top 10 most influential women in hip-hop.

With such a strong presence in the industry, it’s no wonder the hip-hop icon continues to dominate the music world. The collaboration between Flo and Missy Elliott is a significant achievement for the emerging UK girl group. 

Missy Teams Up With Jack Harlow

Missy Elliott has been keeping busy with various projects and collaborations lately. In fact, she has even teamed up with rapper Jack Harlow for a Doritos commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.