NBA YoungBoy Affiliate Pleads Not Guilty In Rival Rapper’s Murder

Louisiana rapper NBA YoungBoy has his own legal problems — he’s currently in jail facing federal weapons charges — but he’s also indirectly linked to a murder case involving a rival artist.

NBA YoungBoy Clip Moment Captured Daddy Duties

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NBA YoungBoy Rival Was Killed In 2017

Deandre Fields is being charged with second-degree murder in the 2017 shooting death of local Baton Rouge rapper Gee Money. Fields is affiliated with NBA YoungBoy’s Never Broke Again crew, while Gee Money was part of the rival Top Boy Gorilla group. The two factions have been beefing for years. Fields pleaded not guilty on Thursday, and his next court date is set for August.

Fields’ arrest warrant provided insight into what started the beef between Burton (Gee Money) and Gaulden (NBA YoungBoy), saying Burton released a song that contained “derogatory lyrics” about Gaulden’s sister. Gaulden responded with a social media post and the bad blood escalated from there, the warrant says. (The Advocate)

YoungBoy Calls A Fan From Jail

The “Bandit” hitmaker has been grateful for the support he’s received while locked up. YoungBoy reached out from behind bars to a fan who had recently written him, and her emotional reaction has the clip going viral.

“I was calling to thank you for writing me. I got your letter; it made me smile.”

Wendy Williams Hears From NBA YoungBoy

The platinum-selling rapper has time these days. NBA YoungBoy recently gave his two cents on the ongoing online battle between gossip talk show queen Wendy Williams and his mother Sherhonda Gaulden.

“I can leave my kids millions of dollars to divide but can’t give them the time they truly deserve. Nobody understand me they never did shit, sometimes I don’t understand myself, but that’s fine because I’m okay, I ain’t looking for you to feel sorry for me – I just ask for one thing; for you to let me suffer in peace. Tell Ms. Wendy Williams I say she got a good soul and she’s a beautiful women I can see that threw all the bad comments thrown at her tell her count her blessings (Stay in good spirit) sincerely Kentrell.”

NBA YoungBoy Makes His Plea

According to recent reports, YoungBoy made his voice heard following weeks of remaining behind bars. NBA a.k.a. Kentrell Gaulden entered a not guilty plea on multiple federal weapons charges.

Gaulden, appearing before Magistrate Judge Scott Johnson via video from the St. Martin Parish jail, pleaded not guilty to one count of felon in possession of a firearm and one count of possession of an unregistered firearm. The two charges stem from a September 2020 arrest in Baton Rouge. A trial date has been set for the middle of June. Gaulden is also facing state weapons and drug charges tied to the same arrest. A hearing is scheduled for April 20. (WBRZ)

The big announcement comes after a viral pic scattered across the Internet showing YoungBoy behind bars. Social media commented on the pic and his lack of happiness.

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