Megan Thee Stallion + BTS Will Make Hearts Melt Like ‘Butter’ Friday

Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion has some sure-fire audio heat dropping in 48 hours. The hip-hop superstar has announced plans to release a must-hear “Butter” remix with Korean pop heavyweights BTS.


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Megan Thee Stallion + BTS’ ‘Butter’ Remix Coming

Stallion went to her Instagram page to deliver the massive news to followers. Barring any setbacks, “Butter” remix arrives Friday.

“LOVE YOU ALLL 💖😭 @bts.bighitofficial BUTTER REMIX 8.27”

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Meg Thee Stallion Accuses Label Of Trying To Block New Music

Prior to the new song announcement, buzz developed about Meg having problems with her record label. 1501 Certified Entertainment was reportedly blocking her from releasing a would-be hit remix track.

Meg Thee Stallion alleged 1501 and label CEO Carl Crawford were trying to block her “Butter” remix with worldwide famous group BTS.

Meg and the label have been at each other’s throats for several years now. Their issues started when the Hottie tried to restructure the deal she signed at just 20 years old.

UPDATE: A judge has ruled in Meg’s favor after she took things to a legal matter. The track will be able to drop later this week.

Meg believes if released, “Butter” will help to expand her international fanbase, thanks to BTS’ massive brand. She claims 1501 told her they don’t believe the song would be good for her recording career — but she says that excuse is just a cover — and deep down the label is trying to shake her down for 6-figures and force her to pay them to sign off on the song’s release. (TMZ)

Megan Thee Stallion Is Graduating

While Megan Thee Stallion has been battling her label, on the side she’s officially become college educated. The Hottie went to social media in July 2021 to share just how hyped she is to graduate from school and enter the next phase of her life.

Meg Thee Stallion gave a few details on her journey through college and left some big inspiration. She gave game for followers and said you can chase your dreams while getting an education.

The tweet also acknowledged Texas Southern University, which will become Meg’s alma mater upon getting her bachelor’s degree. The “WAP” collaborator didn’t note her actual graduation date though or what her degree was in.

“My college experience has been a roller coaster! I started at PV went to some community colleges in between and I’m ending at TSU. Don’t get discouraged! You can chase your dreams and your education at the same time 👏🏽”

Megan Thee Stallion’s Low-Key Heading To Marvel

The Texas native is proving it’s way deeper than rap. The hip-hop superstar is reportedly gearing up to add ‘actress’ to her résumé as a massive character in Marvel’s MCU.

According to reports, the superhero world is going to have to prepare itself for an H-Town-bred She-Hulk. While details are still coming together, Stallion has appeared to get the green light to become a huge Marvel character in a new series.

“So again, this is coming from one of my very own sources here at the channel in an exclusive,” host and curator Michael Roman said in a new YouTube video. “We are happy to report that Megan Thee Stallion has indeed joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be showing up on Disney+ in the future She-Hulk series.” (“Everything Always”)