Meek Mill Confronts Akademiks In Clubhouse Face-Off

Philly rapper Meek Mill wasted no time calling out noted hip-hop blogger Akademiks on the social media platform Clubhouse. The two got into a heated exchange on the first day Akademiks joined Clubhouse, which had to be cooled down by none other than 21 Savage.

Meek Mill Vs. Akademiks On Clubhouse

Over the weekend, the controversial Akademiks joined Clubhouse, where he was soon confronted by Meek Mill, who accused Akademiks of not bringing anything positive to the culture. Meek went as far as saying Akademiks has gotten people killed due to his coverage of beefs between rappers.

“If you stir up a beef and somebody die, you are a part of that. That’s a conspiracy to that beef.” (Meek Mill)

21 Savage Was The Voice Of Reason

While Meek and Akademiks were going at it, Atlanta rapper 21 Savage stepped in to calm things down. Savage acknowledged that Akademiks does escalate rap beefs through the media, but argued that Meek and other artists were being too hard on the blogger. Savage suggested that Ak should be more professional, however.

“We can’t call him the cause, it starts with, why are you on the internet giving him anything to post and escalate?” (21 Savage)

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Meek Mill Reveals His Motivation For Hustling

Meek Milly went to his Instagram page to share a handwritten note from his son Papi. The message references Meek’s past bid behind bars on a probation violation.

“Hi Dad I miss you. I hope you come soon. I love you. Come soon we need you and your raps and you. We need you out of jail. Best dad ever.”

“After I read this I hustle 100 times harder!” -Meek Mill’s Instagram

Recently, Meek Milly went to his Instagram page with some must-see shots. The pics feature Meek kicked back and chilling in a night spot with fellow rap star 21 Savage.

“It was the carry for me……” -Meek Mill’s Instagram