Mase Uses Tik Tok In An Attempt To Recruit New Artists To His Label

Former Bad Boy Mase is one of the latest rappers to promote his label through social media. He recently took to his Tik Tok to encourage aspiring artists to join and “get to the bag.”


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Harlem rap legend Mase is stepping into his mogul bag and is currently recruiting artists.

In a video uploaded on Tik Tok, Mase shared a message to any aspiring artists to sign to his label, RichFish.

“If you looking to get signed, you want to really get to the bag, you looking for a big deal and you don’t want to sleep your way to the top, you really don’t need nobody dancing all in your videos, then you need to come to RichFish, cause we the only one getting people rich” Mase said. 

The line, “dancing all in your videos” is part of the famous speech Suge Knight gave at the 1995 Source Awards dissing Bad Boy CEO and Mase’s former friend, Diddy.

Mase’s offer might be met with controversy over recent business woes. 

Over the years, Mase has admitted to falling out with Diddy over bad business and was recently involved in a similar story with drill rapper Fivio Foreign for allegedly giving him a $5,000 advance on his contract.



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Mase Making Mistakes?

In a recent interview on the “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game” podcast, Mase was asked by co-host Wallo about Fivio Foreign’s claim that he gave him a $5,000 advance on his record deal. 

Mase said he didn’t sign him to a bad deal, and Fivio’s contract was negotiated at the Columbia Records office building.