LFE J Smacka Takes “Time Alone”

LFE J Smacka, the resilient and determined figure, has finally released his highly anticipated single, “Time Alone”. This latest track offers a candid glimpse into J Smacka’s world, delving into raw emotions and heartfelt truths that mirror the gritty yet inspiring life experiences of this Bay Area artist.

Having conquered a decade-long incarceration that began at the young age of 16, J Smacka has channeled the transformative power of music to express himself, overcome adversity, and deeply connect with his audience. Drawing inspiration from influential voices like 2 Pac, The Jacka, and Mac Dre, “Time Alone” showcases the profound lyrical talent of J Smacka and his ability to transform pain into purpose.

“When I create, my biggest inspirations are 2 Pac and The Jacka. I also listen to artists like Kodak Black, Baby Money, Symba, and Lil Baby,” reveals J Smacka. “While crafting ‘Time Alone,’ I let the mood and the beat consume me, allowing my spirit to guide the lyrics.”

J Smacka’s musical journey has been defined by his unwavering desire to share his art with a wider audience. With the release of “Time Alone,” he aims to gift listeners a potent piece of his journey, shedding light on his perspective shaped by personal tragedies, such as the heartbreaking loss of his baby brother to gun violence and his nephew to drugs. Additionally, his ongoing efforts to navigate parole and embrace fatherhood have further influenced his musical expression.

“In 2023, my plan is to have my music heard worldwide because, despite its gritty nature, it inspires all who listen,” he continues. “Time Alone,” along with his forthcoming EP, stands as a testament to this ambition.

LFE J Smacka‘s music echoes the voices of the streets, amplifying the realities of his life and the lives of countless others. With a resolute mission to share his voice with the world, he continues to create candid and relatable music that resonates with a diverse audience.

Time Alone” is now available on all major music streaming platforms. Make sure to follow LFE J Smacka on his social media channels for the latest updates on his remarkable musical journey. Want to learn more about him? Check out his recent interview with DCR.

About LFE J Smacka

LFE J Smacka is a hip-hop artist hailing from Richmond, CA. His music encapsulates the raw emotions and truths derived from his life experiences, including his time in incarceration and personal tragedies. Through his art, he conveys his innermost self and reaches out to listeners with gritty yet inspiring tracks. His previous works include the acclaimed album “Road to Success.”

Listen to Time Alone on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0LuZ3q4B0pxrXstdu70ptc?si=vhnN9-PQRMGwnpJYAdzDqA

Listen to Road to Success on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1B3HX5hENDZuwQl386qd1L?si=8xMYuKwITVGZkdj3ayYHbw

Find him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/j_smacka_lfe/

Find him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/j_smacka