JT + Yung Miami Are Scared To Put Out New Music

City Girls’ JT is scared because it really has been a while. The Florida rap star went online to reveal she’s a little shook to drop new music just because her and Yung Miami haven’t released an official single since 2020.

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JT + Yung Miami Are Scared To Drop Music

JT took to Twitter with her thoughts, letting it be known she wanted to release some new audio fire despite having put out some remixes. Fans immediately cleared up the air with her though, telling JT she had nothing to be concerned about and that they were seeking more music ASAP.

“I miss us dropping music it seems like we have cause of remixes but we haven’t had a single since June last year, wow!!! I just be scared”

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Yung Miami Overcame Nerves To Become A Star

Yung Miami doesn’t get enough credit for her mic ability. The “Twerk” hitmaker hasn’t been in the rap game long, but she’s putting some respect on her own name for her skills.

The City Girls have dropped two albums and had some popular hits since their major-label debut in 2018, a short but successful period of growth for Yung Miami and JT. Miami went on Twitter recently to reflect on how far she’s come and how good she’s become at her craft.

“For me to only be rapping for 3 yrs with no experience I feel like I do good af idgaf who think differently”

“I use to be so shy and nervous I couldn’t record in front of nobody and I never wanted nobody to hear but now I’m more confident ion care who in the room I be like turn it up!!! Tf”

“We all gotta start from somewhere just give me room to grow”

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Hyped For Cardi B’s New Doll

New York rapper Cardi B is proving it is way deeper than rap by now getting into the toy business. JT went online earlier in the month with a huge co-sign for the Bardi Gang leader’s brand new doll. Perhaps Yung Miami picked one up too!

“Cardi you don’t stop….true inspo ?❤️?”

City Girl’s JT Shuts Down PDA Criticizers

JT doesn’t care what everybody else thinks. The Florida native went to social media to shut down a hater who was dissing her over their public affection. JT took to Twitter to fire back at somebody complaining about her relationship with Lil Uzi Vert, although several months ago she swore she wouldn’t give any time to people not rocking with her.

The Philadelphia rapper had been shooting his shot at her and it eventually worked out for him, as the pair are now stronger than ever, going all over the Internet with their relationship.

“Nah it was better when y’all felt like he was playing me & y’all was laughing now he loving me in y’all face & it annoys b*tches like you! The ones who can’t keep or get sh*t from a n*gga so y’all hate to see the next b*tch with it & happy!,” JT wrote in response to a Twitter follower who tweeted: “Jt and uzi getting on my nerve now it was better when nobody knew lol”