Jade: 6 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Rachel Wattley

Tekashia 6ix9ine, a.k.a. the rapper with the rainbow hair, a.k.a. hip-hop’s most infamous snitch, is in a weird place in his career. The man born Daniel Hernandez was on top of the rap game a couple of years ago, when his debut album Dummy Boy went platinum and peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Then he got caught up in some serious legal entanglements, decided to cooperate with law enforcement to take some heat off himself, and now he’s become a pariah among a lot of rappers and rap fans who label him a “rat.”

Tekashi dropped his second album in September, aptly titled TattleTales. While it debuted at No. 4 on Billboard, to date it’s not even in the top 200 and doesn’t look like it’s going to hit gold or platinum status. Recently, popular hip-hop radio personality Ebro tweeted that Tekashi 6ix9ine is “completely finished” as a relevant artist.

As much as his legal drama dominated headlines and rumor mills, not a lot is known about Tekashi 6ix9ine’s personal life.

The rapper has been dating a model named Jade since his professional breakout year of 2018, but a lot of Tek’s fans and followers don’t know much about her or their relationship. Here are some facts to help you get to know 6ix9ine’s leading lady.

1. Jade’s Birth Name Is Rachel Wattley

While we’re not sure exactly where Jade is from, we know she has strong ties to New York. She’s worked as a bartender at some popular New York strip clubs. Tekashi 6ix9ine is from New York. Jade has worked with another New York rapper, Nicki Minaj, appearing in Nicki’s “Good Form” video. And Jade was in New York in 2019 when she was attacked by someone at a strip club allegedly on the orders of Cardi B. The story goes that Cardi’s husband Offset was caught trying to cheat with Jade, prompting Cardi to send people after Jade.

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2. Jade Is A Twin

Jade’s twin sister is model/dancer Baddie Gi. They were both featured in the video for Tekashi’s platinum-selling single “GOOBA” that came out earlier this year. The sisters own a business together called B3AUTY BOX that sells wigs and bundles. The twins were both involved in the Cardi B altercation. Cardi was charged with multiple counts of assault for the incident. She and Offset later claimed there was no affair with Jade, and that the leaked text messages believed to be between the two were the result of hackers.

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3. Jade Began Dating Tekashi 6ix9ine Shortly Before He Went To Jail

In a letter to the judge prior to Tekashi’s sentencing, Jade wrote that she’d only known the rapper “for a few weeks before his indictment.” He was indicted in November 2018. Jade stuck by her guy while he was locked up and was waiting for him when he got out in April 2020. Tekashi has praised Jade for being there for him “when nobody wasn’t” and shared pics of her visiting him in prison. She said they initially met after he recruited her to be in one of his videos.

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They kidnapped you , they had sex with the mother of your child , they get caught on the phone trying to kill you & their stealing millions of dollars from you . If you snitch , for the rest of your life people are gonna try to kill you for being a rat but if you dont snitch , youre doing 47 years in prison where theyre gonna kill you anyway because they were already talking about it . Sammy the Bull kills 19 people and gets 5 years . You kill no one and gets 2 years . This shit is so fucked up …. LMFAOOO they cant break you , no one understands why people still love you and support you . 13X PLATINUM 8X GOLD AND YOU HAD NO FRIENDS IN THIS INDUSTRY TO START OFF YOUR CAREER YOU TOLD EVERYONE SUCK YOUR DICK !!! THEY KNOW THE INTERNET HASNT BEEN THE SAME SINCE YOU LEFT I LOVE YOU BABY #FREE YOU 均歹

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4. Jade Has Multiple Tattoos Honoring Tekashi 6ix9ine

Jade has a “69” tattoo on her right shoulder, a large tattoo of Tekashi’s face above her left breast, and another one of Tek’s face near her neck. Clearly, the model and the rapper are not a casual “just having fun” couple. She’s serious about Tekashia 6ix9ine and he’s serious about her, calling her “my world” on social media. Jade sometimes wears rainbow-colored hair to match Tekashi’s signature look.

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5. Jade Announced She’s Pregnant In August 2020

In August 2020, Jade announced in an Instagram video that she’s pregnant. In another video around the same time, she referred to Tekashi 6ix9ine as her “baby daddy.” Jade has a 4-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, while Tekashi has two other children.

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6. Jade + Tekashi 6ix9ine Might Be Getting Engaged

While nothing has been made official, back in September, Jade posted a video of herself trying on a couple of huge diamond rings, leading some to believe she and Tekashi were planning to get engaged. No announcements of the sort have been made since then.

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