J. Prince Vows To Fight Back After Relative Was Ambushed And Killed By Bounty Hunters In Houston

A relative of J. Prince was leaving his place of business when he was ambushed and murdered by local bounty hunters. J.Prince took to Instagram in disbelief, sharing a video of what took place.

J. Prince

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J. Prince Says Bounty Hunters Broke the Law

Rap-A-Lot executive J.Prince took to Instagram to share his utter disbelief of a crime that took the life of a family member late Wednesday night in Houston, Texas. 

J.Prince posted surveillance footage of the shocking incident that took place on Wednesday, February 23. Prince’s 31-year-old relative, only identified as “Walter,” was leaving his place of business when two SUVs pulled up behind his car. Four unidentified men hopped out the truck, two of whom had guns pointed at Walter’s vehicle.  The 31-year-old reversed his car and opened fire from inside the vehicle. That’s when the men started shooting, causing the victim to crash his car into a building,” per local news reports.  

According to the Houston Police Department, the three individuals are local bounty hunters who work for an insurance company that funds bail bond companies. They were coming to arrest Walter on an outstanding warrant.

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Unjustified and Unethical?

In the surveillance footage, it appears that the bounty hunters broke the law. The group of men not only pulled up on Walter without any additional police force but they also did not identify themselves to the victim before pointing guns at the vehicle. The bounty hunters were also wearing street clothes with bulletproof vests. 

“As you can see this looks like a hit, you should never run up on a person like this in plain clothes and no police cars at night,” Prince wrote. 

The bounty hunters were apparently wearing vests that identified who they were but these were not close enough for the victim to see in the dark. J. Prince called the killing unjustified and said he would stop at nothing to ensure justice for his family. 

“We won’t allow y’all to get away with this one by changing the narrative or justify killing a man because he has a warrant for his arrest.”. 

No further details have been announced.

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