J. Cole Attends Fan’s Graduation, Fulfilling Promise He Made Years Ago

J. Cole attended Rowan University’s graduation ceremony last week in keeping a promise he made to a dedicated fan nearly a decade ago.

J. Cole

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On Wednesday, May 11, J. Cole fulfilled a promise made nearly a decade ago by attending a fan’s Rowan University graduation. The graduate, Cierra Bosarge, had Cole as a guest at both her high school and college graduation. 

When the ceremony ended, Bosarge expressed her happiness by sharing a photo on social media of herself wearing her cap and gown standing with the acclaimed rapper at her side. 

Bosarge wrote, “this is for all the fans that waited, the bitch niggas that hated, old hoes we dated, look mama, we made it, ” quoting lyrics from J. Cole’s “Nobody’s Perfect.”

In 2013, Bosarge called a radio station wanting Cole to wish her a happy birthday. Once three months passed by, she had gotten a phone call from him and was invited to meet him in person. When they met up, she gave him a letter she had written for him.

“In the letter it says all I went through,” Bosarge said when she spoke to Complex. “With being adopted, my parents are hooked on drugs, in and out of prison. At the time both parents were in prison so I asked him would he come to my graduation since they can’t.”

According to Bosarge, when Cole received the letter, he promised her he would attend her high school graduation if she got into a four-year university, he’d attend her college ceremony as well. Bosarge did, and Cole upheld his promise. 

As Bosarge’s college graduation rolled around, J. Cole decided to celebrate her once more.

“I definitely feel the love and that’s what I needed,” she gushed.

Ibrahim Hamad, Cole’s manager,  also gave Bosarge a shoutout on Twitter, quote-retweeting her post that read “i’m front row crying at my graduation y’all.”

“Congrats on your accomplishment, you deserve it!! Love to see it,” he wrote.

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Additional reporting by Michael Omoruan.