Ice Cube Responds To Photoshopped Trump Supporter Pic W/ 50 Cent

Don’t get it mistaken: Ice Cube is not supporting President Donald Trump. The legendary L.A. rapper/actor/director rejected Eric Trump‘s attempt at making it look like Cube is on Team MAGA.

Ice Cube + 50 Cent Used By Eric Trump

Amid recent misinformation that Cube is supporting Trump — and one day after 50 Cent said he’d rather vote for Trump than live with Joe Biden‘s tax plan — the President’s son Eric posted a pic on Twitter showing O’Shea Jackson and Curtis Jackson wearing “Trump” hats. Cube wasn’t going for it.

Trump’s Son Takes Down Fake Photo

The Photoshopped pic was eventually taken down after it was exposed as being fake. In the real pic, Cube is wearing a hat from his BIG3 basketball league, while 50 is wearing a Yankees hat.

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Cube’s Meeting With Trump

A lot of criticism flew Ice Cube’s way when it was revealed that he met with Donald Trump recently to help develop the President’s proposed “Platinum Plan” for Black America. Some even called the militant rapper a sellout.

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Ice Cube Vents Frustration With Democrats

The former N.W.A. member went online to share his thoughts on the presidential election and unloaded frustrations toward the Democratic Party over not putting enough emphasis on the Black community. He asked followers to consider what’s in the Democratic National Convention and electing Biden into the presidency for Black voters.

“A lot of people getting up there talking and everybody really eating it up, throwing their hands in the air like they just don’t care — but what I didn’t hear was, ‘What’s in it for us?’What’s in it for the Black community?’ Besides the same old thing we’ve been getting from these parties. What’s in it for us, for real? … I didn’t hear anybody mention a contract with Black America — and I don’t know why because it’s one of the most comprehensive reform documents that’s come about in a long time that could really address the problem. But the way it looks, they don’t have a plan.”

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But what’s in it for us?

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Ice Cube speaks out about his DNC issues.