GloRilla + Producer HitKidd Speak Their Piece; Glo Says She Has Not Been Paid For “F.N.F”

GloRilla has been one of the hottest new artists in hip-hop but has run into a common problem many artists experience. The emerging rapper claims she has not been paid for her hit single, “F.N.F.”

GloRilla x HitKidd

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Memphis rapper GloRilla blew up after her hit debut single “F.N.F.,” but is now at odds with the producer of the song, HitKidd, and says she has not been paid for the song.

On Hitkidd’s Twitter, the producer went on a tirade, responding to claims that GloRilla wants to take him to court over the song, hoping to release it on her upcoming debut EP. 

HitKidd said he warned her about labels trying to sign her to own “F.N.F.” and said she should have listened. 

Hitkidd has also disputed that he would not sign GloRilla or any other members of her rap collective called Set The Tone, which consists of Gloss Up, Slimeroni, Aleza, and K Carbon, to his label, Blac Noise! Recordings

While she says she has not made “one red cent,” the Tennessee rapper claims that HitKidd signed away the song and received $50,000.

On a Facebook post, Glo did not seem bothered by not being signed, as she is now with Yo Gotti’s CMG Records

Glo also replied to HitKidd and others, saying that no matter what happens with her debut EP’s future drop, she wrote all her lyrics to her verses.

GloRilla Is Targeted By Black Twitter After CMG Contract

GloRilla signed with CMG after her anthem “F.N.F” but was called out for several reasons on Twitter.

Twitter users pulled up old posts of GloRilla from high school after she gave props to Young Dolph, who had a bitter feud with CMG’s boss Yo Gotti

One user posted an old picture of GloRilla in high school with Young Dolph and said, “she switched sides.”

Other responses to the video of her signing a contract with CMG included calling her out for not reading her contract.