Game Warns Young Rappers About Staying Safe

West Coast rapper Game is giving out some advice. The California hip-hop superstar went online this week to deliver some words about staying safe out here in the rap game as peers continue to become targets.

Game Warns New Hip-Hop Artists About Safety

The Los Angeles native went to social media with a huge warning. He referenced multiple rappers being shot and killed in 2020 alone and gave his thoughts on how to stay safe. G

“10 rappers shot & killed this year alone & n*ggas wanna know my advice for up & coming artists… STAY THE F*CK IN THE HOUSE. #F*ck2020 … N*ggas gettin killed by iPhone apps these days.” -Game’s Twitter

Game warns new hip-hop artists about safety.

Game Shows His Morning Motivator

The rap veteran is an early bird. This week, Game went to Instagram page to share footage of himself getting his day started on the right foot. The clip features him turning up to Megan Thee Stallion‘s “Cry Baby” single and also showing what trainer has become his morning motivator.

Game Turns Up To Megan Thee Stallion + Shows His Morning Motivator

Game Says Food + Water Should Be Free

Game also has some ideas about how humans can live their best lives. The California hip-hop star went to his social media pages with some thoughts about necessities coming to everybody for no charge. Game says that water and natural food should go to all people at no cost. He wants it fair and free to every person, so nobody has so struggle to survive.

“Water & natural food should be FREE. … Remember the level of accomplishment you felt as a kid when you rode your bike for the 1st time with no help ?? Apply that same energy to your adult goals. ?? … Why would I give a f*ck about somebody’s opinion who has roaches long jumpin over their iPhone charger ?” -Game’s Twitter

Huge 2021 On Deck

The hip-hop veteran is ready to bid farewell to 2020 and prepare for the year of his lifetime. The hip-hop star has promised fans something big is brewing for them and especially for the haters in the coming weeks. The Los Angeles native recently went to his Instagram page and left little to the imagination. The hip-hop heavyweight said his trip to “hell and back” has him primed to keep his digital enemies on their toes.

“Been to hell & back…. still here & I got some mo sh*t for my haters to be mad at. #2021 #YearOfTheGame” -Game’s Instagram