Finesse2Tymes Allegedly Tricks Fans with Impersonator Brother at Concert

Finesse2Tymes is facing backlash after allegedly deceiving his fans at a recent concert in Huntsville, Alabama. Reports suggest that Finesse had his brother step in and perform in his place, wearing a ski mask and adorned with the Memphis rapper’s jewelry. This unexpected switcheroo left concertgoers bewildered and questioning the authenticity of the performance.

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Fans Fooled by Impersonator

Fans who attended the concert were left astounded when Finesse2Tymes’ brother, who bears a similar physical build but with a lighter complexion, took the stage instead of the popular rapper. The alleged impersonator fooled the audience, even leading the venue to pay the “Back End” rapper $40,000 for his non-existent performance.

Social Media Reactions

Fans expressed astonishment and disappointment over the incident on social media platforms like Twitter. One fan humorously remarked, “Bruh really living up to his name in all types of ways,” highlighting the irony in Finesse2Tymes’ deceptive actions. 

Another fan jokingly tweeted, “N*gga said if you move fast enough, they ain’t gonna notice it ain’t me,” further emphasizing the disbelief surrounding the impersonation.

This isn’t the first time Finesse2Tymes has made headlines for controversial incidents. Previously, he faced legal action alongside GloRilla following a tragic crowd surge at their concert in Rochester, New York, which resulted in multiple fan fatalities and injuries. Additionally, a recent shooting incident took place at one of Finesse2Tymes’ concerts in Knoxville, Tennessee, leaving three people wounded.

YouTuber Tricks Locals With Gunna Impersonator

Impersonation seems to be a recurring theme in the music industry lately. Similarly, a YouTuber made waves after pranking fans in a mall by impersonating popular rapper Gunna. Furthermore, at Rolling Loud Miami, some fans suspected they were scammed as artists failed to perform, or individuals with covered faces posed as them on stage.